Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hidden Oracle Parameters for Emergency Recovery

Hidden Oracle Parameters for Emergency Recovery

_allow_resetlogs_corruption- This parameters is the only method to initialize 'db backed-up open without setting backup' on the tablespace. It makes your system unsupported.

_corrupted_rollback_segments- It is the only method to start up your database with damaged public rollback segments. You can use this undocumented parameter without concerning about invalidating support.

_allow_read_only_corruption- It enables the database to be accessed even if it is corrupt. You should use this option only while exporting as much information from your damaged Oracle database as possible before you re-create the database. You must not use the database in normal manner, which is opened in this manner.

_corrupt_blocks_on_stuck_recovery - You can use this database to start your damaged database. But, it is possibly not supported if you do it without blessing of Oracle. You should immediately expert database tables in such cases and rebuild it.

Note : You should use the above hidden parameters to recover database only in case of emergency. These must be used by taking help from technical support of Oracle as improper use of these hidden parameters can cause further data loss.

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